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Recent overview of property market in Tangier

A few years ago, Tangier properties suddenly became the hot spot of property market in the world and exceeded its price performance a lot more than other successful cities of Morocco by even beating Marrakech and Agadir in the property race. The massive property up surge began in 2004.

The upturn momentum of this vital market continued to expand up to 2008 and slowed down gradually since the global down turn caused by sub-prime mortgage issues and banking crisis all over the world.

Houses, Apartments, Villas, Land in Tangier.

The recent property market down turn in Tangier and other cities of Morocco plus the absence of new ideas and effective ways to advance the publicity and sales promotion of properties have resulted in many difficulties hindering the development of this vital sector of the country’s economy for over two years now.

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Commercial Properties in Tangier

Some property owners have found themselves in critical situations due to market reluctance in taking part in buying and selling properties, furthermore the market is dampened by lack of choice in being able to nurture new ways and ideas to bring awareness to interested parties quickly in mass volume in a flexible manner sticking only to traditional ways of selling and advertising which proves to be slow and in some cases with no positive results.

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